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    I completely agree...bottom line was that Seth got under JW's became a power play and JW cut him loose. I have no problem with that. I do think that if was just an ego thing with Weaver that he let it get the best of him and as I said when it happened his decision will put Tech's basketball program back at least five years.

    Whether you liked Seth or not...his management of the program entering the ACC was way above what most people thought was possible. We immediately became we are back at square one.
    "I'm gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender" - Jackson Browne

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    Late to the party here but that was one fine post. Bravo

    Quote Originally Posted by Gobbler-100 View Post
    So what you're saying is that Seth Greenberg did something illegal to get fired, and what he did is such common knowledge that people in the VTAD and/or certain TSL message board posters know about it, but nobody in the local/state media has been able to break the story.

    Okay, I'm sold.

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