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    Quote Originally Posted by novahokie03 View Post
    I have never said they should never lose any game. I have also never said that I'm dissatisfied with the *number* of wins overall. It's the quality of the play, and the abysmal performance in big games.

    And there is no excuse, ever, for a ranked team to lose at home to a I-AA school.
    Didn't expressedly mean you as an individual.

    But your statement does appear contradictory. You complain that on the whole we can't step up in big games ie play above our talent level and beat more talented teams, not necessarily a collection of individual talent, but more talented teams. Then you say there is no excuse for talent like ours to lose to talent like JMU.

    I believe that anything can happen in any one game. Therefore evaluating anything on either the best or worst game of the decade is pretty pointless

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    The economy is affecting everyone dude, and we have large issues coming in less than three weeks now. ALOT of people are not spending money they don't have to at this point. As for our financial backing. I do agree with that, we can't pay our players nearly as well as bama does

    Quote Originally Posted by norcalbird View Post
    Definitely don't have the financial support to expect a top 10-15 team. Somewhere in the 20-30 range is more realistic. With all the.conference shuffling going on now is not the time to bail on donations/traveling. The best statement we could make to both the SEC and Big is to show up in force at a second tier bowl. Most Hokies I know got plenty of money. So I don't buy the cost of travel arguement. Its a great time to spend a couple of days at the beach. Take the kids to Disney. Watch a game against a top 25 competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawhokie View Post
    I know SEC fans that plan their bowl trips as family vacations. That's the difference between great fans and average fans. No use gnashing our teeth over it: we're average.
    I know SEC teams who cut the dead weight coaches when they don't do their jobs... If VT acted like an SEC program and made necessary changes when they were necessary, VT would have "SEC-like fans" you know like we had at the beginning of the bowl run...

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    Seats like that are certainly not the norm through the VT bowl allotments, congrats. I've done about half of my bowl trips through VT ticket office tickets, and have secondary market tickets. I've always paid MUCH less and gotten MUCH better seats on the secondary market. I'd bet that most bowl-travelers have had similar experiences.

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    Let's joined TSL in 2005 which means you must be at least 7 years old. What a shame you haven't matured to that level, yet!!

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